Why It Works

Empowers You with the Most Powerful of Business Cards

Having your name on the cover of a book tells people who you are more so than a card. The information inside lets them know about you and how you are equipped to help them solve their problem.

Brands Yourself as the Go-To Expert by Building Your Credibility and Authority

A book sets you apart from your colleagues. When people see your name on a book that’s displayed on your website or in your office, their perspective of you elevates. For them, you’re someone who knows what they’re talking about—the expert in your field–and someone they need to go to for help.

Increases the K-L-T (Know-Like-Trust) Factor

People need to know, like, and trust you before doing business with you. With a book, they’ll get the opportunity to do all three.

Saves Time

Learning how to write a book can take so much time, and if you’re like most professionals, that’s a scarce commodity. Our Book Concept 2 Best Seller program doesn’t require you to know how to write a book; it doesn’t even require writing skills at all. Since we are one-stop shop, we also save you time from having to find a quality publisher and then a marketer who can turn you into a best-selling author.

Saves Money

With Book Concept 2 Best Seller, we can save tens of thousands of dollars in your writing, publishing, and marketing efforts. You don’t have to purchase a writing course, we’re much less expensive than a ghostwriter, and our top-notch publishing services and marketing services are included.

Gets More Prospects Interested in You

Your book can bring more prospects and close more deals. It’s like a billboard sign that yells, “Look at me! I’ve written a book, so I must be the person who can solve your problems?” Now that you’ve made the introductions, people start talking about you in terms of “expert” and seek you out.

Opens More Doors with the Earned Title “Best Selling Author”

Book Concept to Best Seller takes your book to best-seller status, and having earned the title “Best Selling Author” opens new doors and increase your value as a professional.

For you, it’s that simple; it’s that easy, and Book Concept 2 Best Seller can save you hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars.