Many people and companies brag about how they can help you write a book, but they don’t edit, publish, or market it. They either refer you to someone who can or they offer to do these services and charge additionally. Or, you have to spend time searching for providers of these other services and perform due diligence on each of them, and it can be a hit-or-miss situation.

With BookConcept2BestSeller, we do it all, and we do it all for a lot less money. We’re a one-stop shop from concept to best-seller status. Our respective teams assigned to work on each phase are experts in that area and have decades of combined experience to apply to your book.

We’ve seen how authors hire marketers for their books, but the results were disappointing; they didn’t hire marketers who specialized in books. Just like you wouldn’t want to go through a fast-food drive through for a fine steak, you don’t want to have just any marketer launch and market your book. You need an expert in this area.

Our Book Concept 2 Best Seller program does not teach you how to write your book. You do not have to take time to not only learn how to write a book but take the extra time always involved in the actual learning curve. We make it super simple and easy, where we get that book out of you in 8 hours. There are no classes, no learning curve; just get right to the heart of the matter and get your book written.

No to both. That’s what is so wonderful about our program. All you need is a desire to write a book and 8 hours of your time for our professional team to interview you.

No, we’re here to help you write your manuscript. Just come with a dream and a desire.

Having only an idea is fine. Come ready to expand it, and we’ll not only start it, but we’ll finish it.

The 8 hours you spend with our team produces the first draft of your book. Our team consists of seasoned professionals—published authors, ghostwriters, editors, and publishers—of best-selling and award-winning books. Because we know what components are needed for your book, we zone in on drawing your story and message out of you in an effective manner, thereby cutting down the time you otherwise need to try to figure it out.

After we interview you for 8 hours, we continue to go to work for you. The next step is to give it to our editing team who puts it through 3 intensive edits, making sure it reads clearly and professionally. While this is occurring, our design team works with you to create a captivating book cover, and our book marketing team markets your book and get it ready to launch. Your book is then released, you’ll be able to check the rating to see it hit best-seller status.

You can have as much or as little input and control over your book as your schedule affords. After performing the first 2 edits, we’ll send it back to you and ask you review it for accuracy before performing the final edit—proofread.

Using our proprietary program, you’ll have a professional book of up to 30,000 words, professionally edited and designed, and earning the title of “Best Selling Author,” a title that will stay with you forever.

Sure, we can! We can still edit it, publish it, and then take it to best seller.

You absolutely can! We can take your book and strategically market it, even after it’s been launched.

Yes, we have 3rd-party financing that offers up to 15 months interest-free financing.

We accept most genres in general. For the Book Concept 2 Best Seller, our genres include:
Legal Business How-To Health Fitness Christian Living Inspirational Senior Living
Law Enforcement Finance Self-Help Sport Military and Veterans Real Estate Tech Books Weight Loss

Yes, we can. They involve additional components than those in the 8-Hour Author Program and thus must be addressed differently. Contact one of our specialists so we can tell you how we can help you.

The financial investment is much less than hiring someone to ghostwrite your book because the amount of ghostwriting for the 8-Hour Author Program is minimal.