The Merge of a Marketing Genius and a Best-Selling, Award-Winning Author-Publisher

Paar Media Group and Storehouse Media Group have a lot in common, and it goes beyond their respective names. Both companies have strong track records of being client-first companies. Both demand excellence for their clients, delivering outstanding results for them, and insist on transparency within their businesses. Both founders have law-enforcement backgrounds that include SWAT and NYPD, and they will always bleed blue.

The cofounders, Jim Paar and Sherrie Clark, met through Jim’s wife, Jody, when Sherrie was hired to edit her book, B.O.S.S.: Break Out Silent Soldier. Jim and Sherrie realized that if they could take Jim’s strong digital marketing background and combine it with Sherrie’s strong writing, editing, and publishing background, they would create a powerful and unique merger to write, edit, publish, and market books. They knew that together, they would have all the components their aspiring authors want and need—a professional book that becomes a best seller.

Jim Paar, Cofounder, Book Concept 2 Best Seller

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Jim Paar with wife Jody Paar (Best Selling Author)

Jim Paar, renowned for being a genius in creating businesses and developing strategies for his clients. He arguably has more successful clients and success stories than anyone in his league. Jim has created millions of dollars in revenue for his clients and through his own business ventures. Jim always is an out-of-the-box thinker doing strategies no one has thought of and staying ahead of the curve. 

Jim worked as a member of SWAT with the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office, firearm’s instructor on Orange Beach Police range, and about 18 years as a flight paramedic where he was able to work under some of the most dangerous and stressful environments saving lives. Shortly after that he opened 3 successful restaurants, a golf course, and went on to creating one of the most successful marketing companies in the country promoting green products for many Fortune 500 companies. 

In 2010, Jim founded Paar Media Group, which is a sales and marketing company aimed at startup companies, building strategies for million-dollar companies, and consulting. 

When he isn’t travelling the world, he spends his time helping coaches, consultants and other small business owners by teaching them the same methods and systems he used to build an extremely profitable coaching company from scratch.

Most recently he has started a new coaching company, Up2Paar Marketing to help build and mold entrepreneurs and info-marketers. Jim has been in high demand for years; people always try to pick his brain to figure out his tricks. He says it’s simple, dedication and most of all passion for what you do. When you find something, you love it becomes a hobby, not a job. That’s why so many millionaires exceed the million-dollar mark and keep going; they don’t consider it work.

Sherrie Clark, Cofounder, Book Concept 2 Best Seller

Sherrie Clark is the author of the best-selling books Behind Her Miami Badge and its sequel Behind Her Special Agent Badge, and she’s the author of the best-selling book Small Voices Silenced, which is her memoir. Through her unique creative writing style, she brings reality to stories by putting readers in the shoes of the characters so that they can experience what the characters see, hear, and feel.

Sherrie’s reputation in ensuring quality for her clients has caused her to be a sought-after ghostwriter, author coach and consultant, book editor, and book publisher. With many of the books she works on, she draws from her past experiences as a NYPD police officer and knowledge as a Licensed Clinical Christian Counselor through NCCA.

As the CEO of Storehouse Media Group and co-owner of Book Concept 2 Best Seller, she works with busy and aspiring authors to pull out stories and messages and craft them in a way that gives her clients credibility and value.

She loves to share her expertise and knowledge, so she educates authors through conferences and online classes on how to write their books in a simple step-by-step, tried and proven formula and then how to develop them to page turners.

Before tackling books, Sherrie started writing copy in 2004 and still continues to do so, applying her seasoned skills acquired through both years of experience and ongoing training. Her clients have consisted of businesses, entrepreneurs, attorneys, high-tech companies, non-profit organizations, and authors. Consequently, she’s a proud member of the Professional Writers’ Alliance.

As a visionary, she knew in late 2012 that podcasts were the wave of the future. Armed with her involvement of working with victims, she created, produced, and hosted the live weekly podcast God, Where Were You When? that became part of Lester Sumrall’s LeSEA Broadcasting Network.

Sherrie has enjoyed each role and phase of her life. She feels each one has contributed to where she’s at now, living her dream, doing what she’s most passionate about, and fulfilling the adage, “Do what you love to do, and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

When not writing and working with other authors, Sherrie enjoys spending time with her family.